Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Math Journal Activities: Adding Three Numbers

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Due to limited blogging time, I thought I'd try something new: Quick Posts. These posts will feature a classroom activity that is easy to print, cut and complete and directions will be provided in'shaa allaah (here on the blog). 

Most of the activities that will be featured in the Quick Posts will be those that are used in students' interactive journals, however, that does not mean you have to use them in that way. Many of the activities can be used as worksheets, too!

We'll see how this goes, and if time permits biithnillaah, Quick Posts will appear regularly until the end of the school year in'shaa allaah. The first Quick Post is:

The first activity is completed after the concept of adding three numbers has been taught and practiced as a whole group and in small groups in'shaa allaah. To complete this activity students:
  1. Cut out each problem along the vertical dotted line (students DO NOT cut the solid horizontal black line in the middle of the page).  
  2. Students will have four (4) individual strips of paper with one problem on each strip in'shaa allaah. 
  3. Students fold each strip along the horizontal black line in the middle of the strip. Students glue the strip into their notebooks by putting glue on the back of the crayon box graphic ONLY. 
  4. The strip should open downward displaying the crayon box on top (which is now glued down to their notebooks) and the ten frames on the bottom strip of the paper (which is not glued down - if all goes well in'shaa allaah *smile*).
    5. Students then use the ten frames to solve the equation. 
Students also complete the second activity after the concept of adding three numbers has been taught and practiced as a whole group and in small groups. This activity can also be used for students who are advanced, in place of the first activity. This allows for differentiated instruction in'shaa allaah. To complete the activity students simply:
  1. Cut out each problem and glue them into their Math Journals. 
  2. Students are given a separate sheet of paper that has the answers (not in the same order as the problems appear on the first sheet they are given). They must cut out the answers and glue the correct answer in the appropriate box. 

Simple in'shaa allaah: Print, cut, glue and solve!

You can download a copy here or from A Muslim Child is Born's Teacher's Notebook Store here.

Benefit & Enjoy in'shaa allaah!

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